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Gypsy Blooms Floral

understands that Wedding planning

is a stressful + often overwhelming task. But we are here to tell you that


On this page you will find out exactly what we do, what our delivery fee covers, what our process is, Trusted Vendors, a Pricing Guide + much more! 

To begin, we want you to know that our utmost goal is bring your vision to life. We aim to do this with our detailed consultation, continuous communications, learned skillset, vast resources + genuine love for the work, all with professional ease. 

We pride ourselves in going above + beyond for each one of our clients

+ we base our entire brand on being different from the rest.


Owner, Hannah, decided to focus on a different-type-of-Florist-style + even though that means more involvement with her clients, she'd have it no other way.

So let's jump in + see what makes us different. 


Here's what we'll cover:

Where, How + What We Do

Delivery Fee + Setup

Our Process

An Average Pricing Guide

Vendors we Trust + Recommend




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Delivery + Setup

There is no extra fee for Setup. When you pay for Delivery, setup is automatically included. 

I do this because my Brand is attached to my work, so I want to ensure my work is being displayed + set up correctly. This also allows me to make any needed adjustments + add on extra items if I can.

I NEVER drop off + leave.

I stay until everything is completely set up so I can make certain your vision is being met.

What else is included in Delivery?


Delivery includes: Full delivery to ALL locations needed (Getting ready location, Ceremony + Reception as needed) , Complete Setup of each + every item, Detail checking, Adding on where I can, Discussing with Bridal Party the proper care + handling of bouquets for comfort + pictures, Boutonnière pinning + attaching any Family pieces as needed. 

It also includes anything else I can assist with once my main setup is complete. My team + I will be available to you to make your day go as smoothly as possible.

What does Delivery cost?

This price will be specified in your proposal.

It will be customized to you + dependent on your specific needs. The average range in Delivery is from $165-325 





Where, How + What We Do


WHERE are we?  We are based out of the Saratoga Springs, NY area but we are not bound by our postal code + we travel all over the place to bring you our one-of-a-kind vibes. Although we mainly work in the Albany to Utica regions, we have also been known to cross state borders + beyond. 

HOW we work is simple... well, kind of. The simple answer is I truly love what I do, so I treat it accordingly but it's a bit more than just that. We believe that by working alongside your chosen Vendors + by putting your vision first, everything comes together in a seemingly effortless way + your Wedding Goals are achieved with ease. 

That may sound great but a tad vague too, so let me explain. I'll start by saying by no means am I minimizing the way other Florists work, everyone has their own way of doing things + everyone has a niche that works for them. Simply put, I purposely choose to not work the way a Traditional Florist does. It's just not what works for me + my clients. I fully dedicate myself to your Event. That means that from the moment we start working together, I treat your day as my own down to every detail I'm involved in. You are not just a dollar sign to me. You are a love story that I get to be a small part of for a short amount of time.  To answer more on HOW we work, WHAT we do is also very involved so continue reading to find out more!

WHAT do we do? This is a huge question because it has a huge answer, so I'll put it in list form, because well, I love lists!

1- We cover ALL Floral needs from bouquets to major installations + everything in between. We love a challenge + anything different so the sky is the limit.

2- Our style is bold, non-traditional + customized to you.

3- We are exclusive to Events, specialize in Weddings + we never double book, not even the surrounding day. This means that if you book a date with us, you are our sole client for that entire weekend. We do this so that our full attention + skillset goes completely to your day. 

4- We work with Premium Blooms only. A premium bloom is anything on the higher end of the quality spectrum. This does not neccessarily mean more expensive, so don't panic. It simply means good quality. Examples of PREMIUM BLOOMS would be; Peony, Garden Roses, Anemone, Ranunculus, Orchids + similar. Examples of NON-PREMIUM BLOOMS would be; Carnations, Baby's-Breath, Filler Flowers, Alstroemeria, Chrysanthemum, Gerbers + similar. We do not use any of the overly used flowers you see all too often.


5- Complete Setup, Detail Checking + Add-on's is ALWAYS included in our Delivery fee. We never just drop off + leave. We stay to fully set up every item + then some. Why? Becuase my brand is attached to my work, so I want to ensure it's set up correctly. I choose to not charge for this because honestly, you are hiring me for my services, not just flowers + it's only fair I make sure the job is done correctly.

6- We are studio based. This means our shop is not open to the public + we do not have weekly inventory. The only time we have flowers, is for a specific Event. This also means that when we have flowers for said event, every last bloom goes to that event. For example; after full setup of all bouquets, centerpieces + similar of your event is complete, let's say I have a bucket of flowers left over. Because I do not have a shop to resell those extra flowers, + YOU paid for them, they will go to YOU. You'll get them in added details around the Venue. I may add Greenery to the Dessert Table, or loose blooms scattered around the Memory area or similar. The fact is, every single stem is used to enhance your day. 


7- We go above + beyond. My team + I pride ourselves in going the extra mile. Obviously our Floral Decor is our priority, because that's why we're here, but once completed, we are there to help with any additional tasks. Because I have Wedding Planning experience in my backround, I understand all the last minute unexpected things that always come up. Again, my goal is for your vision to come to life + for things to go smoothly. So if that means I help sweep a hallway, help get your aging Grandpa's bow tie on, do a coffee run + similar, I am a willing volunteer. 

8- We offer rentals + addtional services. I have a vast rental inventory including various vessels, lanterns, drapery + more. If I don't have it, I can get it! I also offer additional services such as Day-of-Coordinator (email for details) After Party Cleanup + Breakdown + Pet Care for those who want their furry friends present but kept safe. 

Tides + Pines Photography

Our process begins with initial date checking.

Once I clarify I am available for your date, a consultation will be scheduled at your convieniance.

Consults are always free + can be done over the phone, or in person, whichever you prefer.

In person is recommended but not neccessary.

During the consultation, we will go over your Event vision in detail. I will ask various questions + cover all the bases. 

Based off our consultation + vision board we create together, I will write you a proposal (usually recieved within a week, unless we are waiting on relevant information) 

This proposal will have an itemized list of each item planned for. 

The proposal will specify your exact Delivery fee and deposit due.

Proposals can be adjusted as needed.


If you decide to adjust items within this initial proposal, such as simplifying down, adding on + similar, just let me know + I will send you a revised proposal reflecting any changes requested. 


I will be available to discuss all options within your budget, give suggestions + answer any questions throughout it all.


Once a proposal is agreed upon, you simply sign it + return it to me. That, along with the deposit, will officially hold your date.

The deposit is 25% of your balance + is non-refundable.

After you sign the contract, if adjustemnts are needed along the way, (Table count changes, additional items, etc) these can be made easily.

Your remaining balance will be due 8 weeks prior to your event date.

I will be in contact with you throughut the entire process + will be available to help with anything along the way.

Our Process

What should


have during a consult?






Where is your Shop?

 I don't have a shop open to the public. Instead I have a studio, which is based out of the Saratoga Springs region.

What is your minimum?

I don't have one! Every event is customized + you are charged based off of what you are looking for.

What packages do you offer?

Set packages never made any sense to me. No two Events are ever the same so why should I slap a price tag on things that are so varied? I don't have set packages. I customize, customize, customize.

How long are you at a typical Event?

It's different for each one but typically I am present until the Ceremony begins or is about to. If items need to be transported between locations, I will stay to do so. Or if I'm hired to do after party cleanup or rental pickup, I'll return later that night to accommodate.

How do I return my rental items to you?

Usually I return the same evening or the following day, depending on the Venue's preference. You can also return them to me yourself at a convenient time, but this can often create unnecessary complications. 

Are your Flowers real?

Yes! I never ever use silks or plastics. I also avoid anything dyed. Nature does a good enough job, I'm not messing with it!

Are your prices negotiable?

Everything is customized to you. This may confuse some into thinking they can barter with costs like you would a car salesman. But honestly, flowers simply cost money + I do not decide what that number is, my suppliers do. So I quote you for exactly what you ask for, no more, no less. If you need to cut down on costs, I am always willing to give suggestions.

How important is budget?

Extremely! No one seems to want to answer the "what is your budget" question + I get it. It's an awkward conversation to have. But I can't give you realistic suggestions if I don't have a starting point. I don't need an exact number but a ballpark is essential.


Do you do mock ups?

I do if you absolutely want one but I do not recommend them. Mock ups will cost you more than your actual bouquet because you'll need to pay for all bunches purchased. Plus, it will never be exact because of availability + bloom variation. It also takes away the WOW factor day of. 



You Might Not

Know About!

Did You Know?

One of the worlds largest pollutants is plastic. Oasis Foam, aka Florist Foam, is plastic based + has formaldehyde in it.


In 2019 Gypsy Blooms Floral vowed to be Foam Free from there on out.


All of her designs are now free of foam + almost always reusable, cutting down on waste + therefor better for the environment + those coming in contact

with these decor items.