"You can find me in nature...

if not in nature,

then designing 

with it,

with a coffee nearby." 

"It's not just about designing beautiful things. It's about making a vision happen no matter what + putting the client first."

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About Us!


Our Beginnings

How Gypsy Blooms Floral started + blossomed is a long story with

lots of twists + turns so we'll try to keep it brief.

When owner, Hannah, was a teenager, she began working at a boutique Florist shop

in a prestigious town in New Hampshire. 

She knew nothing of the industry but quickly fell in love with the work.

Having a natural knack for creativity, she picked it up pretty easily + dug right in to learning about this magical world.

Fast forward several years. Hannah married + moved away to Upstate NY

with the goal to open her very own Flower shop.

But that goal was vastly unrealistic + Hannah quickly learned that Upstate NY had different plans for her.

Discouraged but needing work, she pursued other jobs for some time.

All the while, she kept her hand dipped into the Event industry. She'd help with flowers + décor setup any chance she could + began Wedding Planning for some time.

Fast forward again to a handful of years later. 

Hannah was working in the healthcare field + was feeling incredibly unfulfilled. Her need to create + design was not being met + although she did well in her current job, she did not enjoy the work.

Being a big fan of personal growth + mega change, Hannah decided that it was time to relook at her goals.

With the support of her husband, Hannah decided to pursue the floral world yet again but now with a new goal. Event exclusive + a different way of doing things.

She educated herself on the latest trends + techniques + began building what

Gypsy Blooms Floral is today.

Hannah knew that she did not want to run her business the way Traditional Florist shops or Wedding shops run. She'd seen enough of that to know it

wasn't her style + not really what customers needed. Clients accept whats offered + don't 

expect more. 

She wanted to be different. 

"It's not just about designing beautiful things. It's about making a vision happen

no matter what + putting the client first."

She never thought it would take off the way it did + that she'd now

be watching her business build a beautiful 

reputation based off the brand

she worked hard to 


But who is 


+ why does

it matter?


"I prefer to build a relationship with a client, rather than just provide a service."

Did You Know?

When you hire Hannah on,

she makes herself available to you in all aspects of your Event.

Need help deciding on linens? Want Vendor referrals? Advice on styles or palettes or Stationary? 

She is willing to help in any way she can.

"I think people hear 'Florist' + just assume flowers, but I think it should be more.

I have the skillset to help with

more, so why

wouldn't I?"


"I will stay until my job is

completely done,

I'll even stay longer if you want!


Hair flowers, family pieces, boutonnières or similar?

I will make sure everyone has their floral pieces + I'll

attach them personally to

make sure they are on correctly. 

I've got you covered babes!"

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