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How to choose your Wedding Color Palette; advice from the pros

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From inspirational, inviting, and fun to dull, lackluster and inconsistent, we Wedding professionals have seen it all when it comes to palette and decor. It's not just about what colors you like, or are popular... there is A LOT more involved when it comes to whether your palette of choice will make a good impression or an aesthetic faux pas.

Have you ever been to a Wedding or other large Event that leaves you thinking "What were they going for?" We have. Maybe that's because as Florists, Planners, Photographers and other Event industry professionals, we are trained to notice detail. Personally, when I see a questionable decor or palette choice, I never feel the desire to judge the couple. But I may think twice about referring their Vendors. Because as Vendors, while our couples preferences come first, we are the professionals hired to help them avoid mistakes they may regret.

Before you roll your eyes and click off, hear me out! A palette "mistake" is completely subjective. Styles, trends, traditions and even ones ability to see color for what it is (color-blindness is real) all come into play. When we are hired for your Wedding, it is our job to consider every angle and then use our experience, knowledge and resources to come up with a custom plan for your event. It is our job, to respectfully inform you of potential clashes in decor you may be making. (Not to say eclectic isn't an option, but that's a different conversation) We are in a unique position to elevate your Wedding in a beautifully impactful way, so why wouldn't we?!

We are a Team

As your hired Wedding Team, whether a lead Vendor or not, we all (should) have the same goal: to make your vision come to life in the best way possible while supporting you with professional confidence.

This looks uniquely different for each Event but the principle is the same. We are all in this together and are on YOUR side. We would never recommend something that wasn't in your best interest.

With that said, us Vendors involved in the styling aspect of your Event, take a handful of things into consideration when making suggestions. These aspects, are the same fundamental pillars to help choose the palette and aesthetic of your dreams.

The Venue

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Your Venue holds the biggest impact on your Event, hands down. It locks in a general aesthetic and vibe without adding a thing. This is a huge factor to consider when it comes to your Wedding Palette.

e.g. A historical Venue with original moulding, dark wood, and moody lighting will already carry a feeling to it; palette and decor should compliment this.

We are not saying that the vibe your Venue has is the vibe you're committed to; but it is the vibe you should be willing to compliment.

The Season

As Wedding Florists, we personally feel strongly that any palette can work with any season, if done correctly. Many feel that seasons carry weight to the palette you choose so it's definitly on our list of things to consider.

From a floral standpoint, all colors and shades are available anytime. Yet certain ones compliment seasons naturally; while others will require a bridge color to ensure coordination. A good Florist should understand this.

If you are marrying in a certain season because you love that particular time, it makes sense to coordinate you palette to enhance that season organically.

Your Personal Style

Wednesday Adams

Everyone has an opinion on style. If you don't believe me, I want you to imagine what Wednesday Adams Wedding would look like?

Just like Wednesday would expect her palette and decor to accent her personal style, so should you! Maybe you're not wanting dead-headed roses and all black everything but you should enter the space and FEEL "this is so me." Your guests will appreciate this as well, as they are there to celebrate you; how good it would be if they felt it was "so you" as well!

How to Choose your Wedding Palette

So how do you actually choose your Wedding Palette? Start by asking what style your Venue space offers. Is it Modern, Industrial, Rustic, Historical, etc? What colors then compliment that style? (even if you don't like them, just consider what works at first)

If season is important to you, what colors compliment your season?

Lastly, what personal styles and colors do you feel represent you? Write this all down subjectively. Then compare to see if there is a pattern of color that keep showing up. If so, theres a good chance this should be included in your palette.

If you're still stuck, this is where pros come in! We understand that staring at color swatches and pinterest inspiration palettes can be overwhelming and repetetive. The good news is, we are filled with NEW ideas and concepts that we are dying to share. This is truly one of our favorite aspects of the planning process. We understand color theory on an intimate level, we know what works, what doesn't and what to recommend. All you have to do it ask!

luxury wedding florist upstate newyork

Ready to inquire? Inquire here to start your journey with us.

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