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  • Hannah Brunelle

The best Winter Wedding Flowers from a professional Wedding Florist

With over 10 years under her toolbelt, Hannah of Gypsy Blooms Floral has earned her badge of experience when it comes to what flowers are best for each season. While Winter is not your typical floral-inspired season, Weddings and Elopements still happen and that means, fresh blooms!

If you experience cold winters like we do in Upstate New York, you know that temperatures can drop rapidly. Whether you're getting married, having a gathering or simply want some flowers to cheer up your snowy days, Hannah has got you covered! Here are the best Winter flowers available, within the luxury market.

The Best Winter Blooms

Here are the top 5 best Wedding flowers during the Winter months of December to February:

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The Anemone flower comes in a variety of shades and colors. While they are typically available throughout most seasons, it's Winter that they shine! These delicate flowers are a fan favorite of many couples making them a top choice for Winter weddings!

luxury wedding florist new york

Cymbidium Orchids-

The Cymbidium; with it's unique features, endless variations, effortless beauty, who wouldn't love these flowers during these bitter cold days! These beauties last 3-6 weeks with proper care and make such impact in arrangements!

luxury wedding florist new york


Talk about some Spring during Wintertime!

These lovelies are some of the very first Spring Blooms to emerge, making them available in peak Winter.

luxury wedding florist new york


This soft yet hardy beauty has a fruity pebble scent and a high end feel to them, making them a perfect addition to any Winter wedding arrangement!

luxury wedding florist new york


A personal favorite, these stunners are also available here and there throughout other seasons but again, shine in Winter! Each stem could easily have 4-12 blooms on it, all sporting a different hue within their variety. These beauties also LOVE the cold, often referred to as Winters Rose for their cold-hardy benefits.

These are just some of the beautiful flowers available during the Winter months. With Summer and Fall being the most chaotic months to plan a Wedding during; these perfect blooms hopefully will tempt some to consider a Winter-Spring Event. If you do, Gypsy Blooms Floral will be ready for you!

No matter the season you choose, remember to book your Florist early as they are a lead vendor and can book years out. To see if WE are available for your date:


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